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So you are getting married?

Congratulations and I trust you will enjoy the preparation leading up to your big day as much as you will the actual wedding.

Choosing your celebrant is really important as let's face it - the ceremony is the beginning and the most important part of your wedding. It sets the tone for the whole experience.
Once you have chosen the venue and date you would be advised to lock in the celebrant as you may be disappointed when you can't get the one you want because they are already booked.
Spend the time to meet different celebrants until you find someone you can both relate to, someone who "gets" what you want and who is prepared to write a ceremony just for you based on your story and your expectations.
There are many to choose from and as in most areas of life you get what you pay for so don't just go for the cheapest.
Your wedding can be pretty much how ever you choose.....casual, formal, themed, private, simple or elaborate . There are a few legal requirements which need to be adhered to ( found under "legal requirements" ) but other than that you and the celebrant can craft a ceremony just for you.

As quoted in the editorial of Hitched Magazine "How we approach our wedding is not about the materialistic things : how giant your ring is, who designed your dress, how much French champagne you can pour down your guests throats. Many couples forget they're celebrating their love,not showing off their assets. So consider taking it down a notch or two and getting married on an island where the Bong tree grows, by a turkey on the hill"...... not that I want to be a turkey !!
Happy planning and please don't hesitate to contact me for an obligation free meeting to see if I'm the celebrant for you.

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