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There's always a feeling of romantic rebellion when eloping is mentioned.

Where once elopement might have involved escaping through a bedroom window at midnight and running off to marry in secret, nowadays most couples who choose to elope want a small, private, no-frills wedding without the wait, expense and stress of a traditional ceremony.

The actual meaning of the word elope is when two lovers run away together with the intention of getting married.

When people refer to eloping, they usually mean a planned destination wedding where the only people present are the bride and groom and a couple of witnesses. The witnesses might be complete strangers provided by the wedding venue, or a couple of close friends, perhaps the people that would usually have been asked to be best man and maid of honour.

A good idea to help you decide, with no regrets, is to write a pros and cons list together.

If you and your fiance decide that eloping is the right option for you, consider these variations that might avoid some of the pitfalls of eloping:

  • Have a ceremony that's just the two of you, but throw a reception afterward for all your friends and family.
  • Hire a professional photographer to come with you to your ceremony, then send out great pictures of the event with your wedding announcement.
  • Invite your parents and best friends to come with you - the small group can go out for a celebratory dinner afterward.
  • Elope now, but make plans to have a blowout five year anniversary party. You might even include a cheeky note with your wedding announcements saying something like "Our wedding day was just the two of us, but we hope you'll come celebrate when we make it to five years on ____________"


Though you cut out much of the planning remember you still need to adhere to Legal Requirements for marriage in Australia.

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